Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday's Challenge 5-3-10

It’s May!! So since we have Cinco de Mayo this week, let’s do a 5 challenge. And if you noticed…it works with the SSD May portfolio challenge #16. So the rules are this: Whatever you place on your page (Using Mostly Krystal Hartley Stuff!) there must be 5 of it-EXACTLY! So you must have 5 papers and 5 photos. See what I mean. Anything you put on your page, must be represented 5 times. It doesn’t have to be the SAME 5 things. Meaning you don’t have to use the same 5 frames over. You can but you don’t have too. Just 5 frames in general. Now you are going to wonder about fonts and alphabets , right. Well, it has to be 5. Get creative. Feel free to interpret this anyway you wish. I’m not going to get super picky. I just want you to have fun and get creative! So remember, you must use enough KH stuff so I know by looking at your layout that you used her stuff. Post it in her SSD gallery and link the layout post in the comment sections of this blog post! That’s it! That’s my Monday Challenge! I’ll be back next week with the winner. And don’t forget, you can find lots of freebies on the blogs. Either the team blog or Krystal’s personal blog!

Here's my take on it:

I used 5 papers, 5 ribbons, 5 flowers, 5 fasteners, 5 photos, 5 leaves, and 5 letters of an alpha!

Last week's winner is Joana1n. I have PM'd you the prize at SSD...go find it! Congrats. This weeks we TOUGH...I had my family pick the winner, I couldn't do it. So keep playing!!! And just have fun with it!


  1. Here is mine: :)