Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday's Challenge 6-21-10

Monday again already?! They just keep coming around faster and faster. And because of that...our design challenge this week is ROUND. Round you say?! Yep...round. Here's what I want you to do: Layer two papers and cut out a CIRCLE from one of them. Then using a ROUND your layout. The only requirement are a ROUND FRAME and cut a CIRCLE on your page. The rest can be YOU! Remember, you must use at least 55% KH stuff. Meaning I must know at a glance you used her awesome stuff. Don't own any of her stuff YET? Well, no worries. There are freebies on the blog! Remember the rest of the rules: You must post your layout in her SSD Gallery by MIDNIGHT Sunday (EST) and link me back her on this blog with your layout using mostly KH Stuff. I will be back on the following Monday with winner. Here's my (RealRach's) take on the challenge:


  1. Here's mine! :) That was fun!

  2. FUn challenge!!! Here is my layout:

  3. Mine: