Thursday, September 30, 2010

CT Spotlight - Meredith Cardall

It's Beth here, bringing you happy Thursday greetings and a chance to meet another wonderful member of Krystal's Creative Team! Please meet Meredith Cardall!

Meredith Cardall's Sweet Shoppe Gallery

1.What made you apply for Krystal Hartley's team?
I was gallery-hopping one day and saw a really cute layout. I looked at the layout and it was one of Krystal's. I found her blog and started looking around and noticed that she was a designer. I downloaded a bunch of her stuff and sent her an e-mail, telling her how much I loved her designs and begged to be allowed to join her CT. That was more than two years ago and I have been on the team ever since!

2. What are your favorite types of products to work with?
I am a complete paper addict. I love papers! I prefer background papers to be solids and then using patterned papers as accents.

3. When do you scrap? Naptimes, after the kids go to bed?
Whenever I can squeeze it in! It's typically between breakfast and lunch after we take the older daughter to school and while the younger daughter is playing!

4. What are your strengths as a CTM? Weaknesses?
That's a good question! :) I think one of my strengths is that I absolutely love Krystal and her products. I will do everything I can to help Krystal succeed as a designer because I believe in her talent! One of my weaknesses is that I have very little time!

5. Show us your first page.
Nope. No way. Well, if you're gonna twist my arm...

6. How many times do you use a product?
It really depends on the product. I tend to use Krystal's kits more than others. I return to her papers over and over again.

7. Do you scrap mainly for memory preservation or for creative fulfillment?
Both. I definitely want to preserve my family's history, but I want to make it pretty! :)

8. Who are some of your favorite scrappers and why?
Cheryl - she is just an amazing scrapper! I love to look at her pages.
becca1976 - just look at her amazing shadows!

and of course, Krystal Hartley - creativity just oozes out of her pages!

9. Are you drawn to one color more than others?
Pink. But maybe that's because I have two girls.

10. What software do you use?
Photoshop CS4

11. What is your current favorite layout (that you made)?

(Page created using Krystal's "The Other Side of Me" kit.)

12. What's your favorite scrap trend?
Multiple photo pages - I feel like I see more of them lately.

13. What do you "just not get?" (ex. chandeliers, owls, 3-d, etc.)
I don't think there is a style that I don't get. I think that diversity is one of the great things about scrapbooking. It's an artform and I love that people express themselves in so many different ways.

14. Do you know any digi scrappers in real life?
Yep! I have met a few at various scrapbooking events and around Utah.

15. Krystal's thinking about getting a Mac. Should she? Why or why not?
I am up for anything that will help Krystal in her creative process. But don't ask me for help with anything Mac.

16. What's your best workflow (time management) tip when it comes to scrapbooking?
I have started grouping my photos into layouts I want to make and then copying a shortcut to the kit I want to use with that kit. Not every grouping has a kit linked, but as I think of which kit I would like to use, I create the shortcut.

As a special thank you, here is a template made just for stopping by! Download here and happy scrapping!

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  1. Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 5 post on Oct. 01, 2010. Thanks again.