Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Well here's an altered project that might be just right for that next party. I used a 4 pack of Jones Soda(you can also use any other 4 pack bottles you find) and after drinking the soda I cleaned and used for the base of my project. I covered the cardboard box with a base cardstock that matches my design or I have also in previous projects used paints to alter the background box. I created my design for the front/back and sides with two of Krystal Hartleys kits Shabby She and Platinum Dreams.

I then made a label for each bottle.

You can get much more fancy on the bottles with ribbons/paper flowers/etc. For my design I wanted it to be more plain and graphic. I used photo paper for printing as the colors are much more vivid and sharp. I also added some large paper flowers with large brads to the sides of the box and small paper flowers with brad centers to each bottle lid. I put honeyroasted peanuts and mints into the bottles and they can be placed around on tables for snacking or used as a take home gift.

Cheers Everyone!


  1. Wonderful project! I like that you are reusing something that would otherwise be thrown away, and that it's useful! Thank you for sharing your idea.

  2. This is gorgeous! I really love how you recycled all of these items! :)