Saturday, October 3, 2009

Ready for a hybrid challenge?

Hey, hey Krystal fans!

Are we having fun yet?? Yeah...I thought so!

I'm Leigh and I'm a hybrid girl for Krystal! Today I have a hybrid challenge for you!

Have you ever wanted to try hybrid but didn't know where to start? Or, maybe you don't like the mess? How about "I don't have the tools for that." Well, here's your chance to give it a whirl.

Thanks to my friend Jill, I found an awesome site with free templates. Yes...FREE! My favorite price! All you do is download the Party Cone template from Mirkwood Designs and print it onto the back of your preferred paper (in this case, a digital paper from one of Krystal's awesome kits)! Or, you can print the template onto heavy paper (like card stock), cut it out and use it to trace the pattern onto your preferred paper.

Here's what I did with this template...

Cute, eh??

First, I chose the kit I wanted to use. With Halloween right around the corner, I decided to use Krystal's part of the Quarterly Assortment at Sweet Shoppe Designs for my project. (Speaking of...what a bargain...all those kits for only $3.99!!)

I downloaded the template and printed it onto my matte photo paper. I then created a document in Photoshop Elements and chose my papers. I could've printed a whole sheet of Krystal's awesome paper, but I didn't want to waste the entire top part of my photo paper (the template only takes up a little over half the page), so I chose to put a few other items at the top of my paper to use as embellishments on my cone. Just make sure you measure the size of the template and that you align the paper on your Photoshop document so that it matches up.

Here's the back of my paper where the template and instructions are printed.

Here's the front of my paper where the patterned paper and ribbon element are printed. I printed the paper and elements straight onto the back of the template.

Now, all I had to do is cut out the template.

At this point, I chose to give mine a scalloped edge at the top of the cone. This is purely by choice. I was dying to try out my new scallop punch and this was the perfect opportunity to do so. You do not have to add this embellishment. The cone would be perfect as-is.

Then I put adhesive down the side strip and swirled the template around to make the cone shape. I put a clothes pin on the strip to hold it together until it was secure. Just to prove that you don't need special tools for this job, I used my daughter's school glue stick to hold the cone together. It took a little longer to dry, but it worked well!

Once it's ready, you can stuff it with your favorite treats and VOILA!! The perfect little gift for someone special!

I know my "someone special" was very, very happy to get her treat!

So, for this challenge, I want you to download the template for the Party Cone. Seriously, it is so easy peasy, you are going to be stunned! The hardest part is wrapping it around and affixing the sides together!

Then, choose the Krystal kit of your choice and decorate your party cone to your little heart's content! Upload your hybrid gorgeousness to the galleries of your choice and come back here and link us up in the comments section. You have until Friday, October 9th at midnight to link us up to your hybrid creation.

Krystal's team and I will choose one lucky lady to receive a $10 gift card to Krystal's store! We will be looking for creativity and overall gorgeousness! Winner will be announced Saturday, October 10th right here on the blog!

So, are you ready??

Get set...


Have fun and don't forget to link us up!


  1. Sweet challenge Leigh! ...and thanks for the link to new ideas.

  2. This is an awesome project, Leigh!

  3. Thanks for the project - it was pretty easy - except getting it to stick in the end - the more tape and glue the merrier!

    Here's mine-

  4. Here is mine... thanks!