Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday's Challenge 4-12-10

It’s RealRach bringing you another MONDAY Design challenge. This week are going to be repeating ourselves. So what I want you all do is pick an element or two and just repeat them many times on your layout. Think about shape. Will you go linear, boxy, wavy, or what? Then take your favorite Krystal Hartley element(s) and go nuts! Remember it has to contain at least 55% KH stuff. Meaning, I must know at a glance that you used mainly KH stuff! Post your layout in Krystal’s gallery at SSD and then post the link to the layout here in the comment section so I know you played along. Winner will be announced the following Monday! Good Luck…Winner will get a Krystal Hartley Gift Certificate! Have fun, have fun, have fun, have fun! (Get it….repetition!) Don’t forget that you can find many freebies on Krystal’s blog if don’t own something of hers yet! See you next Monday with another challenge!

Here's my SAMPLE of what I did for this challenge. I used the ORANGE flowers as my repeat element. So go nuts and use your element as much as you can and I'll be back next monday with another weekly challenge. in Krystal's Gallery at SSD and then link me in the comments here!
I will also be back here soon with the winner's name from last weeks challenge. I've got to get dinner ready for the masses and they think they are STARRRRRVVVVING to death right now. So be back soon and I will just update this post vs. making a new post! You will see the winner's name in ORANGE! I'd use any OTHER COLOR!
Here we go!! Drum roll please.........In honor of your FIRST EVER Weekly Monday Challenge...My boss has informed me that we are giving away TWO Gift Certificates to her store at SSD!!! So the winners are : MommaTrish and SuperMandy!! Check your PM's at SSD for how to redeem your prize!! CONGRATS LADIES and thank you from the bottom of my heart for playing along. It meant the world to me, personally. And I know Krystal enjoyed the ride too!
Because I am a not afraid to admit my faults...I made a mistake! I left off one of the players/winners: Joana with one N, you win too! SORRY! So next week...only ONE WINNER FOR SURE! LOL hahaha Back to living with my head in the sand...


  1. I chose to use Maternal Instinct (only used KH portions of the kit) and chose to repeat a frame.

  2. Here's mine

    I repeated the buttons

  3. Coming in just under the wire again!