Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Brazilian Wednesday Wild Card one

Hi, it's Giseli here today and I'm here to bring you a Brazilian recipe. Wait... Don't go already! I promise it's easy. And there's --- I'll say the magic word now --- chocolate in it.
Well, you must have heard something about Brazilian and parties combined and I can assure you it's all true. We just LOVE to party. Anything is a good excuse to do it and this recipe is one of those that... well, I'll short the story saying that I don't I think I EVER seen a party without them. It's a HUGE success, specially with the children. Besides cake, they're probably going to ask for brigadeiro.
is a recent Brazilian sweet (most of our sweets are Colonial period ones) and was named after Eduardo Gomes, a very famous Air Force commander (a brigadier - between a major and a general) which was very handsome and single and a candidate to Brazil presidency in 1945 - the first year Brazilian women could vote for president - ladies who supported him sold the chocolate sweet in fundraisers. And I guess they wanted to marry him too. Oh, the golden years...
And it couldn't be more easy to do! Check it out:
Click on the image above to view bigger and better and right click and save.
I made this card w/ The Birds and the Bees and Oh No You Didn't! and 4 the Birds 2010 Sweet Shoppe Quarterly Assortment - Volume 1
all by Krystal Hartley

I cover cakes, brownies and fruits - bananas, strawberries, grapes, etc. - w/ this. Just cook the thing a little less. Tsk, I eat directly from the pan sometimes (PMS anyone? LOL) w/ no shame, my friends, b/c this is good this much!
People actually fight for them in parties. No kidding! And if you're thinking about doing it for a party, well, you've been warned. Make sure you do loads of it.
Here we have an inside joke. We say: "God is Brazilian" (haha I know, not funny. But we love our country that much) and I really believe this recipe came down directly from 7th heaven! Just sayin'...