Friday, October 23, 2009

Product Highlight +Template Freebie

Hey everyone! It's Giseli here today and I want to talk to you about Pink October. Can you guess what is this about?
October is the month dedicated to honor the fight of Breast Cancer.
So, Krystal, Heather Roselli and MandaBean teamed up to bring us this gorgeous kit to celebrate we, women who are not afraid of fight this horrible thing (All the ladies who truly feel me / Throw your hands up at me LMAO) and the girly girls in our lives:

So, let's talk about it.
The best way to fight Breast Cancer is to have the Breast self-exam being part of a monthly health care routine. The end. No, really, breast self-exam helps to detect the disease in its early stages. I know there are no perfect solutions, but you can do this simple and easy thing to help to reduce your risk.
Try to get in the habit by doing it once a month to familiarize yourself with how your breasts normally look and feel to you. If you detect ANYthing wrong, you must call your doctor immediately. But don’t panic if you think you feel something wrong. Most women have some lumpy areas in their breasts all the time (I know I have many of them).
Examine yourself several days after your period ends. If you are no longer having periods, pick a day that's easy to you to remember to do it.
Not every cancer can be found this way, but it is a critical step you can and should take for yourself.
If you want to increase your odds of early detection you can do an yearly mammogram. Where I live mammograms are a routine to women who appear to be healthy and are not suspected of having breast cancer. The point is to find breast cancer early, before any symptoms can develop.
Don't be afraid to touch yourself. It could save your life! The doctor can be the "knows it all" about breast cancer and other diseases, ok, but no one knows YOU better than yourSELF. You're the specialist in yourself! Don't waste this gift.
I personally don't have any cases of BC on my family, so I don't have anything close and personal to share. But if you have, please share with us in the comments. We'd love to hear from you!
And last, but not least a Free template to you. To celebrate the strong woman that I know you are!




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  2. Thank you so much for this Freebie. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 4 post on Oct. 24, 2009. Thanks again.