Tuesday, November 24, 2009


It's Beth again with more KH scrappy goodness! Can we ever tire of too much KH goodness? I submit that we CANNOT! (Sorry, I just had to quote my favorite comedian...) But seriously, aren't these colors and layouts gorgeous? Truly inspiring on more than one level! (Most images clickable.)

This kit speaks to us in so many different ways. As human beings, we each have our
challenges and successes, trials and blessings, adversity and triumphs. What a great
way to share our life's experiences for future generations to learn by and to inspire
ourselves to face the moment and continue on with "Fortitude!"

For everyone in the U.S.A., we wish you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.
Have a great week and thanks for stopping by! :-)

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  1. This kit and the sample layouts are totally gorgeous! Perfect for both good days and bad.